So what’s this all about?

Coaching Approach

The key features in my coaching approach


Don’t worry if you don’t meditate for half an hour a day — or if you’ve never meditated before in your life. There’s a lot more to mindfulness than meditation, and we’ll be using various mindfulness exercises to help get to the root of your drinking while helping you ward off cravings in the process.


Taking care of yourself and making yourself feel good is great – as well as necessary in sobriety. We’ll find a self-care routine that fits your lifestyle and will help increase the feeling of being rewarded, the absence of which is interpreted by your brain neurologically once you stop drinking alcohol.


When you’re sitting around doing nothing and trying not to drink, it can be hard to talk yourself out of cravings. Staying productive is important when it comes to breaking yourself out of the habit of drinking and getting yourself into a healthier new routine, but without getting overwhelmed.


For our coaching relationship to work, I need you to be honest with me. This is a judgement-free zone, so don’t feel afraid to tell me when you drink. We can learn from both your slip-ups and successes in order to figure out what works for you. I am also an open book, and will share my personal experiences with you.

Coaching Services

What I offer and for how much

Unlimited Email and Instant Messaging – $30/week

You’ll be coached through emails and instant messages via Google Hangouts or Skype. Instant messaging is helpful for quick questions, status updates, or to talk in real time, while emails are best for discussing multiple in-depth topics in different threads for easy reference.

Phone Calls – $1/minute

Emails and instant messaging are a great primary means for our coaching, but phone calls can help tie everything together through fluid conversation. Phone calls are optional and are booked in 30 minute increments. I only charge you for the minutes we talk that are coaching-related and new clients receive a free 30 minute phone call. Calls can be video chats or traditional phone calls.

Email & Instant Messaging w/60-Minute Phone Call Bundle – $75/week

In addition to our emails and instant messages, we’ll talk over the phone for one hour each week. We can talk about anything you’d like; I can also structure our phone call sessions if you prefer. The hour can be split into multiple calls throughout the week. This bundle saves you $15 on phone calls!

Want to get started?

Your ability to quit drinking is just an email away. Click the button below to send me an email - introduce yourself and let me know what you're currently struggling with.

We'll get started in less than 12 hours, first setting expectations for the coaching to make sure online sobriety coaching is right for you, then diving into identifying ways to kick-start your sobriety.

The first week is absolutely free and you'll receive a free 30-minute phone call as well.


“Taylor has been a wonderful coach in my No Alcohol goal. She has helped me achieve my longest streak so far but more importantly has helped me understand my addiction and work on the aspects of my life that have been feeding it. I always looked forward to sharing my experience with her and reading her messages. I would highly recommend her as a coach!”


“Taylor worked with me to stop drinking and becoming more productive, which she helped me see was a large part of my drinking problem. I would become overwhelmed with daily tasks and rather than doing something, I’d get frustrated, give up and go buy wine. Taylor was very helpful and always available to communicate when I needed her and even went above and beyond to check on me if she didn’t hear from me. She truly took the time to help me figure out what my goals were and always had a new tip or trick if something didn’t work. Taylor is caring and very knowledgeable about both alcohol and productivity. I would recommend her highly for both.”


“Taylor helped me to get sober. Her coaching style is very personal and tailor made. She uses different techniques to get you mentally strong enough for moments of craving, from very practical tasks to mindfulness exercises. Previously, if somebody would advice me to be more mindful, I’d run away fast. Taylor has a way of making it concrete and practical, which opened my eyes. She has experienced herself how difficult it is to get sober, which makes it really easy to relate to her. She will never be judgmental, her focus is on getting you to achieve your own goals, in my case getting sober all together. Her non-judgmental way of coaching makes it easy to be one hundred percent honest with her, which is a requisite for successful coaching. I would highly recommend Taylor as a coach if you would like to fight your unhealthy cravings. She rocks!”


About Taylor

Why you can trust me with your sobriety

Hi! My name is Taylor Tune Tracy. I live in the Greater Boston Area and have been sober since September 4th, 2013. Getting sober didn't come naturally to me; I had a lot of "day ones" over several months. I felt like a failure whenever I broke my sobriety streak, which opened up a floodgate of negativity. I would then drink in order to wash those feelings away temporarily - a vicious cycle.

After kicking things into high gear to figure out what was getting in my way, I discovered mindfulness and used it to increase my awareness of my actions and pinpoint where I could make changes for a lasting difference. The more aware I was of my cravings, the better equipped I was to fight them.

I personally don't consider myself to be an alcoholic. I didn't drink everyday, hide my drinking from friends and family, get the shakes if I wasn't intoxicated, etc. My problem was that once I started drinking, I couldn't stop. I would drink in excess every three to four days, which is tolerable for some people but I couldn't stand it any longer.

The way I see it: a problem is a problem and should be treated accordingly. I became a sobriety coach because I want to take what I've learned to help others with their drinking problems in their own unique situations, regardless if they're an alcoholic or not.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about my coaching services.

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