Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an “online sobriety coach”?

An accountability coach in your pocket! An online coach is a coach who provides their services remotely – there aren’t any in-person sessions; everything is done through emails, phone/video calls, and instant messages. An online sobriety coach just means sobriety is what the coaching will be focused on. Since everything is primarily done online (with phone calls being the exception), you can reach out 24/7 for support (though you might not get a response right away since you’re reaching out to a human and not a computer and humans need to sleep at some point). Everything is 100% confidential.

Who would benefit from online sobriety coaching?

Anyone who’s looking to get sober and wants the convenience of having confidential help and support be just an email or instant message away. Whether you don’t have the time (or just don’t like) to attend AA or SMART meetings, haven’t had luck in therapy for your substance abuse issues, or want something else to add to those approaches, you can benefit from online sobriety coaching. This is especially true if you think your attempts at getting sober would be helped by being held accountable, receiving guidance, and establishing a trusting friendship with someone who has gone through and overcome a similar struggle.

How do I sign up for the coaching?

Visit my Services page to check out all the packages I have to offer. If you’re not sure what package would be best for you, if you’re looking for a different approach, I do offer coaching services billed separately from the platform. Send me an email explaining what you’re struggling with and looking for in a coaching relationship and I’ll let you know how I’ll be able to help!

I’m not an alcoholic but I’m not happy with my drinking. Would coaching be right for me?

Absolutely! A problem is a problem and should be treated as such — you don’t need to be diagnosed as an alcoholic in order to seek out coaching services to help get your relationship with alcohol under control.

How does the coaching work, exactly?

We’ll primarily communicate through messages on (or the messaging service of your choice if your package offers that option). This is where we’ll check-in daily and do the bulk of our coaching. I also offer phone calls, which can be either traditional phone calls or video calls. Some of my packages include phone calls, but they can be purchased separately in 45 minute increments as add-ons. Phone calls are optional, but are a great tool to utilize. We can work through things a lot faster by having a verbal conversation than through messages where there might be a delay in response.

I live in the eastern timezone and primarily respond to messages between 7am and 8pm ET daily. Phone calls are best scheduled for weekday evenings or anytime during the weekend. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, so a lot of my messages will be longer rather than shorter if I’m explaining something for your understanding or describing an approach I’d like you to try. In those cases, it might take me a little longer to compose a response, but you’ll hear back from me in less than a day. If there’s something preventing me from doing so, I’ll shoot you a message to give you a heads up.

How will I be billed? handles the billing if you sign up for a package I offer through their service. For anyone with unique coaching needs, or wishes to be billed separate from, I send invoices at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle via PayPal.

Are you a certified coach?

I have received my Digital Coaching Certification through (where I have coached through their online platform since 2015).

What’s your experience?

I’ve been a coach on since 2015 helping people looking to get sober. In addition to that, I’m a self-proclaimed psychology nerd, I have my BA in Communication and Media Studies, I love to read and learn and I use that to obtain as much knowledge as possible to help my clients in their particular situations. I strive to get to know my clients and what they’re up against in order to suggest the best goals and steps forward that will help them. I got sober on my own through trial and error and know firsthand the ups and downs that can come with sobriety (and how to make it through to the other side). I’m not a medical professional or a licensed therapist and by no means should coaching of any kind replace the help of a doctor/psychiatrist/therapist.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course! I only ask that you provide me with feedback at the end. Any feedback (both positive and negative) is greatly appreciated and will help me strengthen what I can provide to others. I can also suggest recommendations for you going forward, depending on why you want to cancel.

Do you offer anything other than coaching?

Aside from blog posts, not currently. I have plans in the future to offer free webinar and possibly resourceful PDFs for those who want to coach themselves on their own time.

I don’t feel ready to stop drinking completely, could you work with me on moderation?

Moderation is tricky. I’ve helped clients with this in the past and for some people moderation does work, but for many others it doesn’t. If I help you with moderation, I ask that you keep an open mind to the possibility that if it doesn’t work out, abstaining completely from alcohol might be the way to go. The end goal, whether it’s moderation or total sobriety, is for you to be content (if not happy) with your relationship with alcohol.

Do you coach anyone for addictions to anything other than alcohol?

My coaching and personal experience is primarily with alcohol. I would be fine with coaching you if you abuse alcohol and another substance as well, since they can come hand and hand (and I have personal experience with that as well). I’d be willing to try to help if you had an addiction/substance abuse problem that involves mind-altering drugs but doesn’t involve alcohol, though it’d be a bit of an experiment for us both (I do not offer coaching services for opioid abuse).